Renting vs. Buying, Why Renting Is Better

Millennials are the generation who growing up with so many radical changes mostly the rapid advancement of technology. They have different characteristics compared to generations before them. Millennials are more technology driven and tend to be more practical. It is including the shifting housing preferences that young adults from this generation tend to rent than buy a housing property.

It is interesting to see how the trend is shifting. Of course, there’s still a long debate which one better, buying or renting residential property. The first option seems like a better one because buying a house is still a life goal for many people. It allows them to have a valuable asset that could worth a lot more in the future. But let’s be frank. Young generation today is getting more difficult to afford a house of their own. The housing price is too expensive and even getting the mortgage becomes big challenge with big risks of debt problem. It is easier to deal with landlord or Property Manager

than with a debt collector. Once you finalize the house acquisition, you will realize there are maintenance cost, property tax, and other related expenses that could be really burdening.

On the other hand, renting a residential unit seems like wasting money. But let’s take a look at the bright side. Renting property gives you flexibility. You can move to other place without big problems when a new career opportunity available. As every issue will be handled by Property Management

, you will only need to pay the rental fee and entitled to all services. But don’t forget, it is very important to choose the right property to rent. Not only the property is suitable with your need and budget but also make sure that it is managed by reputable Property Management Company.

An Overview on Calgary Real Estate Economic Conditions

The correction in the housing market, fall in interest rates and growth in house hold income has brought the affordability of Calgary homes better than ever before. However, the degree of housing affordability has improved far better than the 1980′s cycle. The present growth is found to be similar with that of early 1990′s real estate cycle. Record lows are spotted as another important reason for the increase in affordability and still further lowering is expected. Calgary agents instruct people to budget for higher interest rates to stay away from excessive risks. Speaking about the market, there are three individual yet connected types of real estate markets are available. They are Rental Market, Resale Market and the Construction Market.

One of the intelligent ways to evaluate your assets is just by comparing them with safe investments. However, Government bonds are considered to be the safest investments but at the same time real estate investments also have got some significant advantages over the bonds. One of the best features of real estate investments is the growth of dividend and appreciation of the asset value with time. The new house price index for Calgary is showing a steady rise since 2008 whereas the resale market conditions were not so smooth but however, showed peak positive results in 2007. Looking on to the current trends of market conditions, the Calgary realtors say that they are experiencing a decline every year which is about 1.6% from the year of 2008. Also the single family home prices dropped up to 44%. But there was a considerable rise in the sales of high end houses for sale in Calgary.

Generally low employment and high inflation rates are two factors that support real estate growth. Looking back the history the market, during the period of 1973-1983 there was a steep rise in home prices only because of the two factors mentioned above which Unemployment and Inflation were. However, things changed after 1983 when the unemployment rate cooled off significantly to lower rates which lead to the fall in home prices. If we take the period of 2005-2006 into consideration, a ratio of 50% sales to new listings ratio kept prices in balance. The current Calgary market conditions reports, an approximate value of 3.6% unemployment rate and an inflation rate of about 4.3% and undoubtedly, these two are spotted as the main reasons for the conservative optimism prevailing in the current Calgary real estate market.

Calgary Real Estate – Choice Of Many Home Buyers

Calgary real estate is emerging out of the economic slumber and this is apparent from the difference in the number of properties sold last in recent years. Already more than million people live in Calgary and an equal number of people are about to move in the newly constructed homes. And still there is room for another million people. The city has a thriving eco-tourism industry. It is also an IT hub and has a booming petroleum industry as well. The agriculture in the city is a flourishing business. This scenario indicates towards a budding real estate market in the city.

The prices of the properties in Calgary depend largely upon the location, available amenities and connectivity with major motorways. Some of the most popular and costly residential areas include Calgary Hawkwood, Elbow Park, Rosedale, Mount Pleasant, Bowness, Parkdale, and Glendale. It is advisable to consult a reliable real estate agent who could provide you the actual price of property in a specific area. Or you can yourself survey the area to assess the prevailing prices. Price assessment would give you a fair picture about the money you need to spend on purchasing your dream home in the city.

Calgary real estate offers a host of options that include condos, bungalows, townhouses and studio apartments. Being an eco-tourism center, Calgary is a perfect place for vacation home. If you are looking for a second home or a property for vacation rental then it hast to be in this city. People come here in search of peace and tranquility. The quite environment is just perfect for rest and relaxation. Calgary also ranks high on fun and entertainment. Having a home in this city is a matter of proud. The right time for buying a property in Calgary has come. If you have some investment plans then consider Calgary real estate.

The property prices are increasing with the demand and you can expect a considerable hike in the property prices in coming years. People are crazy about Calgary real estate as is evident from the rising home sale graph. If you looking for some better investment options then think of Calgary properties. The city has a host of options and there are a number of real estate agents who boast to cater to each customer. You can also view properties online as there are numerous online realty sites that provide viable options to prospective buyers.

The Best in Calgary Real Estate and Calgary Real Estate Listings

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